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Crystal Visions Creations - Majick & Art Combined!

My deep love for crystals developed in my early childhood. I recall my first time being completely fascinated by crystals in a mall-- it was one of those tumbled rock bins with a bunch of super common mixed stones, and I will never forget thinking fools' gold was the coolest thing ever, and wondering how all of the colors got into the other rocks... needless to say, I was leaving moments later with my first little blue velvet draw string bag full of rocks.

I’m blessed to have had a really awesome mother who exposed me to the world of spirituality and witchcraft at a very early age. As a child, my mother and I regularly adventured to Salem to explore, and learn, and visit museums and memorials. Through these adventures around town, my respect and understanding of the craft grew, and my heart has been called to Salem ever since. Although she sent me to catholic school, my mother also adamantly encouraged me to be my own person, to think for myself, and to create my own systems of belief, rooted in simple, fundamental laws of kindness, and an understanding of the fact that what I put out into the world comes back.

As an adult, it was exciting to finally reach a point where I was ready to further commit to my education and understanding of witchcraft as both a science and an art. I am now a 2nd degree Cabot Witch & Priestess in the Cabot Tradition, educated in Salem, MA by Reverend Mother & High Priestess Laurie Cabot herself. Through choosing to continue my formal education and committing to this path, I have gained an abundance of knowledge, skills, and ritualistic practices , and a family of loving and welcoming witches , thanks to the classes I have taken with Laurie.

I named my shop Crystal Visions for some obvious reasons, the most prominent being my love for crystals, gems, and minerals , and my enthusiasm and love for everything to do with Stevie Nicks, and because of the fact that a huge percentage of my learned skills relating to crystals and witchcraft has come from my time in Salem. My decades of formal & informal spiritual education in Salem has lead to a lifelong relationship with the world-famous Witch City.

Crystal Visions Creations are majickally crafted, crystal-inspired art pieces that bring the vibrational energies of crystals into your home to help you manifest your intentions!

All shop items are crafted by hand, intuitively created with crystals and/or herbs charged to bring the highest, most correct energies into your life. Each crystal used is respectfully handled, and assembled using materials that will not damage the specimen (you could peel the adhesive off of every stone and they'd still be beautifully intact!).

Opening this online shop feels like the appropriate first step for a weird li'l rock loving kid like me to get a feel for doing some creative work that I am truly passionate about, and to build my brand for future endeavors.

I hope you enjoy my latest adventure! Blessed be!

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